Florida Wildlife (in-progress)

Most of these are close-up detail images of a series of paintings depicting Florida wildlife. I’m still working on the series, and I will update with the finished images when I am done. If you are interested in buying any of these paintings feel free to contact me.

Gator Sculptures

These are cold cast alligator sculptures that I am currently selling. I sculpted the original model from oil clay, and each cast is a mixture of polyurethane and powdered metal. The final product looks exactly like a real metal casting and even oxidizes exactly like real metal. You can buy casts of the gator sculpture for $50 plus shipping (shipping to places in Florida is usually about 6 bucks). I can do the cast in bronze, copper, brass, iron, aluminum, or nickel silver. Send me an email or Facebook message if you want one or if you have questions about them.

(P.s. if you want one but aren’t sure which kind to get, just choose the polished bronze. Rusted iron and aged brass are good too)

Tampa Bay Tuxes and Tails 2014

I donated this painting to Tuxes and Tails 2014 silent auction hosted by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. It is an oil painting on canvas, 22″ x 28″. The painting shows my parent’s Yorkie siting on an antique bench with some other furniture and various other objects they had lying around the house. The dog was painted from a photo reference (it never sits still for more than a few seconds at a time), and the other objects were added to the composition later.

Random fact: the candles were painted with beeswax mixed with oil pigments. I bought some a long time ago and never used it until now. You can’t tell from the photo of the painting, but in person it makes the candles look very realistic.